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All about my edit secrets

ONE: Secrets of HDR Editing


As you know no camera in the world has the high dynamic range (HDR) of human eye. What I do is I apply my technical expertise ( science of ambient and artificial lights, focal length and angle of view of each lens) to mimic the range of human vision.

I take 3-5 bracketed shots of each setup at different exposures. I use a group of flashes and strobes as necessary.

In a normal shoot, I capture close to 150-200  shots of the house. In post production I use editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to merge, color correct, white balance and finally crop each and every picture. 

Never quit until I feel one hundred percent satisfied. This is how I separate pros from the novices.

Special Edit-ONE: Object Removal


When a parked car or an unwanted piece of furniture needs to be removed to give the prospective buyer a clean and real look of the property, I would use Photoshop tools like Cloning, Content Aware Fill, Patch and Healing.

Years of mastering the Adobe Photoshop, I can now offer these services to my clients.

Miracle of Digital Technology!!

Special Edit-TWO: Sky Replacement


When I shoot on a gloomy or overcast day, I give the option to my clients to replace the sky with a normal bright sky,  AT NO COST.

This is a complicated layering process in Photoshop. I layer multiple shots of actual exterior and stock sky pics and merge them together.

Sky is the limit!

Curious? NEED more special edits? Call or text:310-962-2480. NO COST!

Special Edit-THREE: TV and Fireplace Enhancement


At times, you shoot an Interior where owner has moved out.  I can show the buyer the possibility of a warm fireplace and  a streaming TV channel.

Special Edit-FOUR: Day to Twilight Conversion


When I take a daytime shot and convert into a Twilight pic, It takes in depth skill of Photoshop and Lightroom, in addition to artistic visualization.